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Some others look trustingly at goods whose prices are constantly locked, while some others see no relation between quality and wares whose prices could be negotiable or could be brought down after bargaining.
My friends writingly, my mom and many supporters financially, Valley Offset Printing producingly, the WSU Sunflower graphically, advertisers trustingly, Vinnie enthusiastically.
The reader is compelled not to follow him trustingly but rather to accompany him in his questioning, even when such a questioning extends to a reevaluation and overhaul of the literary project itself.
How about taking powers away from politicians who think they are above all those who unwittingly and trustingly voted them in?
Would-be model Georgia thought Reynolds was her friend, and trustingly went to his home after he offered to take portrait photos of her.
Many people don't think like attackers, and trustingly add their information to online sites like high school yearbooks, birthday reminders, and genealogy or family tree sites that are prevalent on social media," said Tripwire's CTO Dwayne Melancon (@ThatDwayne).
In Constantine Fitzgibbon's When the Kissing had to Stop a pacifist left-wing British Labour Prime Minister somewhat resembling Michael Foot, trustingly allows a resurgently Stalinist Russian military presence into Britain.
But it was strange, and almost worrisome; she did not look afraid--only stunningly, trustingly child-like--and she realized that this was what people saw when they looked at her--someone who hadn't been tainted yet by the drama of drugs or money or sex; someone whose best years weren't already behind her.
This time, however, the speaker follows the figure trustingly, as the closing couplet demonstrates:
The trustee targeted investors who had withdrawn investments from Madoff in the two years before its collapse as a source for recovery of "customer property" for the benefit of other investors who trustingly had not withdrawn their investments.
I've always just embraced Lee as a brilliant artist, so I followed him blindly, trustingly, and wholeheartedly.