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If not, this might present a situation analogous to the one described in the context of the Statement and Account Clause, (186) which would mean that a decision reached by the organs of Congress that resolve Electoral College disputes would be politically accountable to a majority of voting citizens and thus trustworthily represent all affected.
We explore several different answers below, each focusing on the trusting party's belief or expectation that the trusted party has reason to behave trustworthily.
Going deeper, we find a second category of reasons for Ann to believe that Beth will behave trustworthily.
makes it much more likely that economic actors will behave more trustworthily than would be the case if there were nothing to rely on but face-to face experiences with individuals more or less representing the interests of their organization of co-operating firms.
The risk associated with the decision to invest trust in a relationship may, in certain circumstances, be seen as intolerably high, and social actors might not be able to find enough good reasons to base a relationship on the assumption that a potential trustee will behave trustworthily.
After all, believing citizens trust bureaucrats may well motivate them to behave trustworthily.
Law, in many cases, makes bearable for the trustor the risk of expecting the trustee to behave trustworthily.