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In order to address these questions, this study first describes the importance of trustworthiness of a website followed by a discussion about the literature on website trust-triggers, and develops testable hypotheses.
The issues surrounding trustworthiness are deeply rooted.
First, we complement existing studies that have only examined unidirectional links among trustworthiness, performance and governance by considering possible simultaneous relationships among these variables.
the researchers found that specific regions inside the amygdala exhibited activity tracking how untrustworthy a face appeared, and other regions inside the amygdala exhibited activity tracking the overall strength of the trustworthiness signal (whether untrustworthy or trustworthy)-even though subjects could not consciously see any of the faces.
There were no universal highly significant correlations between babyfacedness and trustworthiness except that only with neutral faces these perceived characteristics were positively correlated.
Overall, children seemed to be most consistent in judging trustworthiness, compared to the other two traits.
Trustworthiness, defined as "the listener's degree of confidence in, and level of acceptance of, the speaker and the message" has long been viewed as a key component in persuasive communication (Ohanian, 1990, p.
Trustworthiness occurs when there is a focus on the other -- the client, partner, co-worker etc.
Then we will discuss the hypothesized relationships among customers' perceptions of e-tailer information privacy policy, their online shopping experience, their privacy concerns, and their perceptions of e-tailer trustworthiness.
In addition to the AGR score, AI's evaluation of trustworthiness uses additional factors that penalize companies for unusual or excessive executive compensation, a high proportion of incentive-based executive pay, high levels of management turnover, substantial insider trading, class action litigation, and restatements or other accounting issues.
We argue in this Article that using trustworthiness as a limitation
AEO status is granted to businesses that can satisfy the strict HMRC criteria of consistent quality, compliance and trustworthiness in the international trade arena.