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Prior research, however, has not identified the contribution of major expressive sources in happy faces that drive trustworthiness judgments.
Duterte got the highest ratings both in performance and trustworthiness in Mindanao (88 percent and 90 percent, respectively) and the lowest scores in the rest of Luzon (71 percent and 67 percent, respectively).
To date, Karlan (2005) has shown that trustworthiness predicts loan defaults in the microfinancing sector in the Philippines, but that trust plays no similar role in these defaults.
Since the websites of these firms appear to be similar to each other as well, it is therefore logical to conjecture that consumer perception of trustworthiness of their websites is likely to be similar.
Trustworthiness or rigor of a study refers to the degree of confidence in data, interpretation, and methods used to ensure the quality of a study (Pilot & Beck, 2014).
This distinction is due to the fact that judgments of trustworthiness are based on the face's dynamic musculature that can be altered slightly, with a neutral face resembling a happy expression likely to be seen as trustworthy and a neutral face resembling an angry expression likely to be seen as untrustworthy--even when faces are not overtly smiling or angered.
Simply put, the goal of cybersecurity is to assure the trustworthiness, security and resiliency of software components, systems and systems of systems of all kinds, including those used in national defense and the nation's critical infrastructure.
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As the main aim, we wanted to see whether perceiving personality traits--suggestibility and trustworthiness from individual faces is resistant to the "masking" effects from the expressive variables.
The faces differed on one of three traits: trustworthiness, dominance and competence.
The reconstruction of the Skopje-Jugohrom-Tetovo power transmission line will increase its capacity and improve the trustworthiness of the system in the regions of Skopje and Polog and improve the quality and reduce the losses of the transmission network.