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They included clearing the backlog of genocide cases, truth-hearing and truth-speaking, achieving peace, retributive justice, healing, forgiveness, reconciliation and restorative justice.
Hence he believed that truth-seeking and truth-speaking needed more attention in the twentieth century.
But the death of this vicious, hilarious, drug-fuelled, truth-speaking, bulls**t-hating genius is nonetheless a great shame.
The prophet's truth-speaking can make everyone quite uncomfortable, but its intention is to instigate conversion.
Steiner offers his list of the thieves of truth-speaking language: (1) the weight of classical loquacity, a logocentric system that organized spoken and written power relations without a self-revising structure; (2) limitless reproducibility (as in photography) that separated the veracity of words and images; (3) the decay of a theological, canonic world order that is linked to the performative efficacy of words; and (4), linked to this decay, the exponential advance in the natural sciences and technology.