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On launching the Kickstarter campaign, Terry said: "I'm delighted that The Truthful Phone is being given the opportunity to be made into a film short, particularly as director Carl Rock, who comes from the same part of Wales as I do, will be setting the story in Colwyn Bay.
As far as Amarin is concerned, its own goal is simple, but fundamental--drug makers should have the right to convey what it describes as "carefully circumscribed, truthful, and scientifically-accurate statements" about the clinical trial and related information.
Ultimate success is therefore achieved by living one's entire life - the youthful years, the adult years, and the elderly years - being truthful.
An effective, truthful, sincere, and timely communication strategy between people and their governments that are fighting extremist groups is currently the need of the hour, according to policy makers and experts at the first day of the International Government Communication Forum in Sharjah (Sunday, February 22).
He's a really good man, he's an honest man, he's a truthful man.
The primary dependent variable was the degree to which the story being told by the speaker was judged to be truthful.
If you don't know the answer, be truthful and say you don't know, but that you'll look it up.
The court held that the FDCA does not prohibit "the truthful off-label promotion of FDA-approved prescription drugs.
In Section III we show that if experts are homogeneous then a truthful equilibrium of the repeated game can be found; the promise of future business removes the incentive to play major treatments over minor ones.
The recent story attacking Mr Miliband senior was neither honest nor truthful but rather represented a cheap political slur on a man who is no longer here to defend himself.
Try to be truthful to yourself, and then try to be truthful with others," he advised.
First of all, let us be truthful towards ourselves.