try hard

See: attempt
References in classic literature ?
"After the crows had gone I thought this over, and decided I would try hard to get some brains.
But the fact is that we try hard as a team and I have belief in my boys," he added.
(But it's not the kind of movie that will try hard so hard to scare you.
BY KAREN ROCKETT HOLLYWOOD hardman Bruce Willis has to try hard with a vengeance not to look scared on a Disney white-knuckle ride.
Following the hit 2016 movie starring Welsh-actor Taron Egerton along with Hugh Jackman, and the subsequent renewed interest in his life, Eddie will tour 17 UK theatres in Try Hard - his debut 'audience with' style theatre show.
Much as the Kuwaiti team will try hard to have a second victory and increase its opportunity to cruise into the semi-finals, the UAE will surely seek their first one so as to keep chances to qualify and defend the title.
Each time we get to a new city, I try hard to get on with people but it doesn't come to anything.
In the life and work to which we are called as the Body of Christ in the world, we are encouraged to "try hard." That is, to do all in our power, with the help of God, to keep the unity Christ wills for his church, to maintain the bonds of affection that hold us together in the service of the gospel.
"It will be a very good experience and I am sure I will learn a lot from the England team but will try hard to give them a tough time too."
2 : to try hard to deal with <He has many problems to contend with.>
"It was a tight game but we just did not try hard enough," he said.