try to obtain

See: pursue
References in classic literature ?
They were to visit a native King and try to obtain from him certain concessions, including the right to work a wonderful gold-mine somewhere near the village of Bekwando."
The Divisional Sports officer told that one player try to obtain six targets in one minute time period and also throw total 72 arrows while receive ten points after hitting to centre of target.
The director general FIA is proceeding to Interpol headquarters in Paris to attend a top level summit where he will try to obtain red warrants for the former envoy, who is the main accused in Memogate Scandal.
Residents are warned to be on their guard against possible bogus callers who may try to obtain personal information.
What are my rights concerning noise, the dirt and any access they may try to obtain to my property?
Inspector Guy Blackwell said: "If you are unsure about the caller try to obtain his or her name and number and say you will ring them back."
It is among measures to try to obtain a better deal for customers.
The European Commission plans to try to obtain "clarifications" on China's plans to give an advantage to its own companies in tender procedures for projects related to its recovery plan.
A BUSINESSMAN who made a false statement to try to obtain a passport after he had been barred from leaving the country was jailed for six months by a court.
Phishing - using fraudulent e-mails to try to obtain personal or confidential information - reached its highest level in May 2005, according to IBM.
We have every right to try to obtain those products at the best price."
However, those who wait until the storm hits and try to obtain refunds risk losing money.