try to obtain

See: pursue
References in classic literature ?
They were to visit a native King and try to obtain from him certain concessions, including the right to work a wonderful gold-mine somewhere near the village of Bekwando.
Residents are warned to be on their guard against possible bogus callers who may try to obtain personal information.
They allegedly registered companies for VAT to obtain or try to obtain invoices to substantiate a claim for the repayment of VAT.
In a related development, Bratton said he had been in contact with Luis Carrillo, the attorney for the Pena family, to try to obtain any evidence he might have collected as part of the investigation.
Phishing - using fraudulent e-mails to try to obtain personal or confidential information - reached its highest level in May 2005, according to IBM.
We have every right to try to obtain those products at the best price.
However, those who wait until the storm hits and try to obtain refunds risk losing money.
I hesitate to "volunteer" The War Amps to send this booklet, but if anyone is interested I will either try to obtain a copy or photocopy my own.
However, it makes sense to try to obtain relief with Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment.
Social-science researchers therefore typically observe relationships in nonexperimental settings and attempt to adjust statistically for all the relevant variables, For example, if we are interested in whether private school students and public school students have different outcomes, we try to obtain good measures for all other variables that influence the outcomes and then use regression analysis to discover whether private school students did better than the public school students.
Most plaintiffs try to obtain class certification under a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure that requires the predominance of common to individual issues on the one hand, and the superiority of the class action to individual suits on the other.
Producers will also try to obtain a suppression of the clause which mentions that the agreement is the sole price stabilization tool.