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Tell me the story about Dyrdek trying the MegaRamp.
They do have to be legitimate numbers; you don't want to make them up, because no one recognizes them six months from now when you're still trying to resolve a payables or receivables issue.
Trying to clarify his main theme early in the work, he stresses the "wide range of behaviors" (10) available to fathers.
JOHN BALDESSARI: I like it when you see a surfer out in the water: You're trying to get beyond the land, but you keep getting returned by the waves.
Thus, if we are trying to lead a good life, we can know the voice of God by the peace, joy, hope, and love of life we experience.
You're trying to calm down a friend who has worked himself into a fury at a driver in another car who has cut dangerously close in front of him.
They call "1,2,3" while raising the inside leg high and on 3, trying to kick the opponent over.
The tries came at steady intervals but the Swansea midfield got themselves into a tangle trying to get the ball out to their wings.
But some would have avoided trying out simply from fear.
So for the next two days we gave the last tricks everything we had, while trying our best to get some Highest, Longest, Most contenders.