trying situation

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It was in this trying situation, exposed to a galling fire of blank cartridges, and harassed by the operations of the military, a fresh body of whom had begun to fall in on the opposite side, that Mr.
I could even see that I had behaved with a measure of decency, in a truly trying situation, now that Raffles seemed to think so.
He said it was indeed highly important to Society that one in the trying situation of unexpectedly finding himself invested with a power for good or for evil in Society, should become, as it were, merged in the superior power of a more legitimate and more gigantic growth, the influence of which (as in the case of our friend at whose board we sat) was habitually exercised in harmony with the best interests of Society.
Having by this time cried as much as I possibly could, I began to think it was of no use crying any more, especially as neither Roderick Random, nor that Captain in the Royal British Navy, had ever cried, that I could remember, in trying situations.
His record is not good enough to get the job so his claims appear to rest on whether or not the United board believe he has shown signs in a trying situation he is capable of doing the role.
The residents were greatly appreciative of the efforts to make them financially whole and to make the trying situation much less stressful for them.
Instead, with their own children watching, these parents set a terrible example of how to respond to a trying situation.
Julia and Barbie face a very, very trying situation in Episode 3 that really puts their relationship to the test," Neal Baer, executive producer of "Under the Dome," said to TV Guide.
She urged her compatriots to join hands in this trying situation and co-ordinate with the council and the embassy for relief efforts.
The very laudable aspect of life in Bahrain is the freedom of expression and secularism even under the most trying situation.
According to lead researcher Benjamin Converse, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Psychology at the University of Virginia, the research was inspired by the kinds of deals many of us seem to make in which we promise ourselves that, if we can just make it through some trying situation, we'll be better citizens in the future.
All the noise and activity, the insensitive remark, the unwanted stare, the either intentional or accidental exclusion from the group of kids without special needs, or the rejection of a request to take part in a group game, can turn what's supposed to be a happy gathering into a stressful and trying situation for both the caretaker and the child with special needs.