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CZARINA. The title of the empress of Russia.

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Indulge your inner Tsarina with some Russian-inspired pieces this autumn.
He says: "The Tsarina look is great for any hair type, whether it be long, short, curly or straight, so long as it shouts feminine seduction.
But beneath the sweet exterior lies a will of iron, nerves of steel - and the ice-cold manner of a Russian Tsarina.
The author's conclusion is that the 'Romanov fortune' outside Russia amounted to investments in Germany in the names of the Tsar's children and in that of the Tsarina along with some investments by the Court, also in Germany.
Open Competition: Construction of the implementation of a technical customer "Reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant cell-type" Tsarina ", at the intersection of the highway and street Novotsaritsynskogo.
18 (450m): Dance Charles, Fawn Crash, Tip The Black (M), Indian Basalm (M), Tsarina Lena (W), Killishin Foxy (W).
I bet they are lining up a diet Tsar, or rather Tsarina, at this very moment.
It was after he had been appointed Jeweller to the Tsar that Faberge suggested to Alexander III that he create an Easter Egg for the Tsarina containing a surprise.
18 (450m): Bricken Oscar, Clonbonane Hero, Suncroft Sailor (M), Skane Meadows (M), Ballybough Pa (M), Tsarina Lena (W).
Just as Henriette Maria, Marie Antoinette, Empresses Eugenie and the Tsarina Alexandra were erected into monsters by rabid revolutionaries, so Empress Zita was portrayed as the |Italian intriguer', a spy from Austria's most hated enemy.
58 (450m): Miami Rainbow, Triangle Katrina, Black Ocho (M), Bandicoot Sheba (M), Gainstown Caz (M), Tsarina Lena (W).
35 (450m): Switchtoexpress, Mister Blue Sky, Gortkelly Jolly, Ballybough PA (M), Deancroft Teddy (W), Tsarina Lena (W).