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According to the statement, 'government put it on record that it has not authorized any increment in the tuition fees in all the state-owned tertiary institutions and that only ancillary fees were increased by institutions authorities based on some considerations.
LABOUR'S ambition to wipe out all student tuition fee debt would cost PS100billion, Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner admitted yesterday.
Speaking after four of the seven Welsh universities, including hers, announced cuts and redundancies Prof Aitchison warned there are financial pressures and raising tuition fees must be looked at.
The support package will include: | Tuition fee support consisting of a grant of up to PS4,954 and a loan of up to PS4,046 during the academic year 2017/18 for those studying in Wales.
The current legislation grant a tax exemption only for tuition fees amounting 1930 hryvnas per month in 2016 which are paid by employers to education institutions training their employees or other individuals, if this individual has a contract with the respective employer obliging him to work for at least 3 years after the graduation;
Tuition fees there have been kept at P12/unit, despite repeated attempts by both the national government and PUP administrators to raise tuition fees.
Parents are no longer able to pay more after tuition fees have doubled over the past five years," he added.
The residents have demanded of the government to take steps to decrease the tuition fees in the private schools.
He said that a bill has been prepared to regulate tuition fee
Instead, with tuition fees, only those with money will be able to access universities.
The Department of Health covers the cost of university tuition fees for students hoping for careers in nursing and other healthcare roles.
Liverpool, Edge Hill and John Moores universities are among those which will charge the maximum pounds 9,000 tuition fees.