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FA TURNBULL (Chronicle, December 24) accused Coun David Ord of effrontery for blaming the last Labour government for the rise in university tuition fees.
The Deputy PM revealed the U-turn as chaos reigned among Lib Dems MPs ahead of a crunch vote on tuition fees on Thursday.
University tuition fees of 5,000 pounds would make England the most expensive country in the world to earn a degree.
No, I never said I find tuition fees to be reasonable.
The pledge to scrap tuition fees for university students in England has been one of the Lib Dems' most popular policies and Mr Clegg insisted he still wanted to do it if he could.
Even if they can qualify for local public schools, they will have to pay higher tuition fees because they have no registered local residence.
An imposition of more than 15 percent in tuition fees and 25 percent in the case of miscellaneous fees may be allowed after the concerned schools shall have conducted thorough consultations and hearings, and the examination of financial records and the determination of the distinct requirements and conditions of schools shall have been assessed by the Council.
He said: "His figures compare estimates based on tuition fees of PS7,000 made in November 2010 - PS653m - with the latest estimates relating to fees of PS9,000-PS809m.
Wales Education Minister Leighton Andrews this week reaffirmed the Welsh Government commitment that full time students in Wales will face no real term rise in tuition fees while this Assembly sits.
Comment OF THE DAY THE utterly desperate Nick Clegg has said he is "profoundly sorry" for going back on his promise to oppose a rise in student tuition fees.
Summary: Private schools will wait for Parliament to approve a teachers' salary hike before raising tuition fees, the General Secretariat of the Catholic Schools association said Tuesday.
Earlier this month, the government announced that tuition fees will increase by 5% for the seventh consecutive year - or 71% since 2006 - even though Ontario is already the most expensive place to go to university or college.