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When engaged in private tuitions many teachers ignore regular classes.
One spelled-out version of high tuition-high aid receiving attention is called: "Pay What You Can Afford (PWYCA)." (5) PWYCA specifies ad hoc rules for determining resident tuition and allocating the state appropriation: i) set all tuitions at given non-resident rates; ii) assign the state appropriation uniformly to every resident; and iii) use the resulting incremental tuition revenue to subsidize those with limited ability to pay.
One of the reasons for growing preference on private tuitions can be the large number of students in formal classes in schools making teachers unable to pay individual attention to each student (Zafar, 1992).
Economics and the popularity of private tuitions in Pakistan.
The word 'tuition' refers to remedial teaching in small groups.
Following several complaints from parents about teachers offering private tuitions to students, the Sharjah Education Zone issued a circular imposing tough penalties against such teachers.
It has also come to light that some teachers charge as much as QR15,000 per student for private tuitions for a year.
It's the second time in three years that tuitions at the community colleges haven't been increased.
In the context of public higher education, it is natural to think of the legislature, who controls the budget and sets the subsidy, as the "leader," and the university governing board, who sets tuitions rates, as the "follower." With this arrangement, the timing sequence for determining the resident subsidy can affect the efficiency of the integrated system and the distribution of value among participants.
For example, under the current version of the higher ed reauthorization being debated, the financial reporting requirements mean our rising tuitions would throw us out of whack.
Over the past year or two, American colleges have begun to address two linked problems: rapidly rising tuitions and rampant grade inflation.
TUITIONS AT PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES WILL INCREASE an average of 8 percent this year, according to the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.