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They went on a little way in silence after this, the Knight with his eyes shut, muttering to himself, and Alice watching anxiously for the next tumble.
After the fourth or fifth tumble he reached the turn, and then she waved her handkerchief to him, and waited till he was out of sight.
The comparison between annual planning and planning tumble:
* While active satellite and spacecraft rely on thrusters to control movement, retired space assets tumble at high speeds through their orbits.
D C Norris & Company (DCN) launched the latest addition to their range of Cook-Chill products - The DCN Tumble Heater 75 at Anuga Food Tec.
I have a concern that some schools are not giving room for some rough and tumble play.
The belt style was designed for larger/heavier parts which require more room to tumble and a stronger rotation system.
Kathryn Lasky's Tumble Bunnies (0763622656, 15.99) requires good reading skills or parental assistance as it tells of one Clyde, who worries about being chosen for a team at a major event--until he discovers that tumbling doesn't involve teams.
Are you ready to catch yourself, to tumble safely out of a precarious position?
Hundreds of pre-school children across the North regularly attend Tumble Tots play programmes every week.
TUMBLE won this BT Dragons Rugby Trust Premier Division 1B game by giving the adventurous Cardiff students a lesson in chance taking.
market may tumble when it reopens Monday, traders said.