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They went on a little way in silence after this, the Knight with his eyes shut, muttering to himself, and Alice watching anxiously for the next tumble.
After the fourth or fifth tumble he reached the turn, and then she waved her handkerchief to him, and waited till he was out of sight.
FIREFIGHTERS say anyone who uses a tumble dryer needs to take precautions to prevent their appliances from catching fire.
Andy Chow, Director, SUNWIN(r), "At Textile Asia 2017 our focus is on XTD Continuous Towel Tumble Dryer.
AFLAT fire which killed two men was likely to have been caused by a tumble dryer, an investigator has told an inquest.
The research question addressed was whether an optimal tumble level could be found for the combustion system under investigation.
PAINTER and decorator Andrew got the brush off after losing the tools of his trade in a fire blamed on a faulty tumble dryer.
As an added safety feature, Ross Tumble Blenders now come standard with motors equipped with electro-magnetic brake.
A DEFECTIVE tumble dryer caused a house fire that killed a Birmingham mother-of-two, a coroner has ruled.
A DEFECTIVE tumble dryer caused a house fire that killed a mother of two in her bedroom, a coroner has ruled.
Each winner will also receive a Mr Tumble's Fun Sounds Musical Car and a Mr Tumble Lights And Sounds soft toy from Golden Bear Toys.
Chris Harris was asleep upstairs when the fire broke out in the kitchen after a tumble dryer went up in flames just before midnight.