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TUMBREL, punishment. A species of cart; according to Lord Coke, a dung-cart.
     2. This instrument, like the pillory, was used as a means of exposure; and according to some authorities, it seems to have been synonymous with the trebucket or ducking stool. 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 797; 3 Inst. 219; 12 Serg. & Rawle, 220. Vide Com. Dig. h.t.; Burn's Just. Pillory and Tumbrel.

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We shouldn't expect, or even hope for, the tumbrel to be wheeled out every time somebody goes in to the dock.
As the crowd falls silent the carnival music subsides into a sinister murmuring of cellos, and the palace castrati drag Malocchio onto the stage in a tumbrel.
The French have a far more hands-on approach when it comes to venting their spleens and have been known to wheel out the tumbrel to transport incompetent jockeys to an appointment with Mme Guillotine.
In the concluding pages of Talese, as the Southern gentlemen tumbrel off to retirement or the guillotine, what rough beast do we see slouching?
Many favourite-backers would call it justifiable homicide; others would be queuing up to pull the tumbrel and sharpen the blade.
I would not harness to this tumbrel, this bloody cart of severed heads and glittering prizes.
The condemned en route to execution must feel the same, he supposes, while at the same time wanting the dread thing done with: the tumbrel has not yet arrived at the guillotine; until it does, we are immortal, and here meanwhile is this once-pleasing avenue, this handsome small park with its central fountain, this plane tree-shaded corner where, in happier times .
And motherless Margaret, brought to Lady Well in a tumbrel, dressed up in pauper's blue, subjected to rapeseed oil and leather belting, drive shafts and tobacco spittle, prayer books and dirty candle stubs.
The heroism shown in the War of Independence by Martyr Serife Baci, for instance, who carried the ammunition loaded onto tumbrels to Kastamonu under cold winter conditions, and who wrapped her own jersey around the cannon balls in order to ensure that they wouldn't get wet, and Halime Cavus, who left her home and went to carry ammunition notwithstanding the objections of her mother and father, and the spirit in our modern-day hero women, who left their homes and families to pour onto the streets and were martyred fighting against the coup of July 15, all carry the same spirit.
Far commoner was the author who had a single logological interest reiterated in the material he submitted: Walter Shedlofsky's anachuttles, David Stephens' ever-longer palindromes, John Ogden's phrasal anagrams (be the case = beteaches), Kyle Corbin's Scrabble game records, Leonard Ashley's quizzes, John Candelaria's large-number nomenclature, Paul Maxim's analysis of Mallarme for historical allusions, Bob Levinson's Jotto sets (five five-letter words containing 25 different letters), Bill Webster's stories replacing each word by a transposal (hyte nickled tumbrels = they clinked tumblers), Jerry Farrell's word games based on graph-theoretical and combinatorial models from mathematics.
Tahrir tumbrels trump tepid television turnouts with Fidel Castro-length lectures.
Indeed, the gallows have beckoned on more than a few occasions, with the tumbrels rolling down to Seaview one particularly bleak afternoon back in May 1999.