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TUMBREL, punishment. A species of cart; according to Lord Coke, a dung-cart.
     2. This instrument, like the pillory, was used as a means of exposure; and according to some authorities, it seems to have been synonymous with the trebucket or ducking stool. 1 Chit. Cr. Law, 797; 3 Inst. 219; 12 Serg. & Rawle, 220. Vide Com. Dig. h.t.; Burn's Just. Pillory and Tumbrel.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He imagines enjoying the "sad freedom" of riding the tumbril in "The Tollund Man" (OG, 62-63) and throws the "stones of silence" in "Punishment" (OG, 112).
sarkomatoid karsinom, inflamatuar fibrosarkom, inflamatuar liposarkom, malign fibroz histiyositom, spermatosel, varikosel ve nadiren tuberkuloz tutulumu yer almaktadmm Bizim olgumuzda malign bit tumbril dusundurecek mitoz, pleomorfizm ve nekroz gozlenmernistir.
So the tumbril will roll on, the levy shrinking, the racecourses strapped for cash, owners losing money, trainers losing owners, racing losing strength, bookmakers' profits holding steady, increasing.
So I thought of Private Eye.' Other suggestions had included Bent (Bruce Page), The Bladder (Ingrams), The British Letter and Tumbril Another title, The Flesh's Weekly (punning on the phrase 'the flesh is weak'), appeared as a subtitle on the masthead of the fourth issue and the influence of Peter Usborne's own suggestion of The Yellow Press is evident in the fact that the first three issues were printed on yellow/orange paper.
Bagnall's ambition was to keep drawing ``until the tumbril arrives''.
I dumped boring old Frank but I kept the Merc, the house and half his salary," she boomed in the kind of voice that makes us working-class blokes yearn for the days of the tumbril and guillotine.
The only form of transport that poor Gavin Strang, Minister of Transport, can expect to be carted off in is the tumbril.
Only Alex McLeish can look the dissidents straight in the eye, because he is entitled to more than six months in the job before the tumbril is wheeled on.
HISTORY does not record how Louis XVI felt as he trundled in the tumbril through Paris' streets en route to his appointment with the French Revolution's guillotine.
And should the Gareth Edwards lobby rise in vengeful wrath and send out for guillotines, fear not, Rhodri bach - I'll join you on the tumbril.
I await the rumble of the tumbril and certain installation in the stocks to endure a public pillorying for such traitorous views.
Forty minutes in and we will know the best speed novices in the islands over both hurdles and fences - and that's just to keep the knitting needles clacking round the guillotine until the tumbril carrying the aristocrats of the Champion Hurdle field arrives.