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Parameters except for times of total tumescence between psychogenic and organic ED were statistically significant ( P < 0.05).
When individuals were aware of the CS, however, men still showed increases in penile tumescence to the abdomen but not the gun stimulus, whereas women showed the opposite and unexpected effect.
Most non-germinated seeds (92%) behaved as hard seeds and failed to reveal any change or tumescence. However, other seeds which did not germinate (8%) but showed some type of tumescence and/or darkening were classified as dead seeds.
You don't see their egos being stroked into tumescence by mass admiration.
Asked how they knew their patient had achieved full sexual competence, Graewe said he had recently sent them an identifiable cell-phone picture of an erection, while tumescence had been observed when he was returned to the operating table 4 days after the operation to remove a clot in one of the penile arteries.
And, for the first 10 minutes or so - as our hapless protaganist Henry explained the use of the words tofu, banana and cucumber as metaphors for describing various stages of male tumescence, all the while eyeing up men in the supermarket - it seemed Davies was making up for a paucity of new things to say with a barrage of sexually graphic imagery.
163/06, as amended, carried out using it systems, attached to the agreement for the supply of three years, in a single lot, the system for venous radiofrequency ablation, formed by generator type vnus rfg2 or functionally equivalent, on loan for free, with relative fast closure catheter type or functionally equivalent, and infusion pump for tumescence in free loan, with its consumables, to be allocated to the medical center of wide area.
Additionally, the PPG is administered to measure the inmate's arousal to auditory and visual stimuli depicting normal sexual encounters as well as deviant (coercive or age-inappropriate) sexual encounters, through the measurement of change in penile tumescence. The empirically-based outcome of the instrument is a numerical "deviance differential" that provides a risk category (low, moderate, or high), indicating whether the inmate has a greater, equal, or lower level of sexual arousal to children versus adults.
Ellis makes the "facts of normal sex psychology" the signature concern of his Studies in the Psychology of Sex, opening the first volume with a study of female modesty and developing, in the second volume, his theory of tumescence and detumescence as a framework for understanding all forms of human sexual behavior.
The percentage inhibition of engorgement was calculated as follows: 100 x [(average tumescence of control group-average tumescence of experimental group)/average tumescence of control group].