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Color dorsally very dark brown to black with feeble metallic luster, particularly on pronotum; metasternum anteriorly only feebly tumid medially; well-developed males with anterior clypeal margin obtusely angulate medially; size under 8 mm .
Tumid LE was first described by Erich Hoffman in 1909.
Clearly SCLE and tumid LE are the most photosensitive subsets.
Not of my soul, but growing from my body,/Life thorns or poison on a wholesome tree,/The rank excrescence of my tumid sins,--/And so I tear thee off'" (I.
One member of the chronic cutaneous lupus group that defies the disease's clinical and histologic conventions is tumid lupus.
Aside from the tumid sense of self-importance that the Caspian oil bestows upon them, their objective is entirely pragmatic: the more foreign investment--the easier to perpetuate autocratic rule and keep popular discontent at bay with tales of an oil-boom prosperity lying ahead, not to mention the Western slush funds and kickbacks for the ruling elite, which do not even enter the Caspian countries and are directly deposited in leaders' personal bank accounts abroad.
The collared neck, the twitching calf, and tumid penis will respond to daylight's variations or the moonrise, as we gulp raw oysters and crunch soft-shelled crabs that still possess that caught quality, not like precooked pig or processed cow.
With masculinity so vitiated, Boccaccio's foolish, emasculated husbands and his tumid, fecund friars are finally no different, despite the illusion, in the context of male competition, that one force has triumphed over the other.
easing my friend up across his tumid belly and onto his lap?