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The fabric shows region-based differences in the choice of temper, comprising crushed shells (Unio tumidus and Anodonta cygnea in Estonian specimens; Kriiska 1996d, 374) or chopped plants, less frequently rock debris (Vankina et al.
Other variants like lupus profundus, lupus tumidus, chilblain LE and lichenoid DLE were not observed in the study.
Antioxidant enzymes, glutathione and lipid peroxidation as relevant biomarkers of experimental or field exposure in the gills and the digestive gland of the freshwater bivalve Unio tumidus.
Barsby 1973, 87; Stirrup 1973, 829) notes the use of tumidus (43), rigidus (46), and intonare (46), all of which belong in epic.
Glutathione reductase, selenium-dependent glutathione peroxidase, glutathione levels, and lipid peroxidation in freshwater bivalves, Unio tumidus, as biomarkers of aquatic contamination in field studies.
However more than this, the river Ismenus tells how Hippomedon boasts over Crenaeus and wears his armour: tumidus spoliis et sanguine gaudes/ insontis pueri ('arrogantly you rejoice in the spoils and blood of an innocent boy', 9.
Dichas lesiones se manifiestan en una gran variedad de formas clinicas; segun la clasificacion de Gilliam (4), las lesiones cutaneas del LES pueden ser especificas o inespecificas: entre las primeras estan: LE cutaneo agudo (localizado o generalizado), LE cutaneo subagudo (anular, papuloescamoso) y LE cutaneo cronico (discoide, hipertrofico o verrucoso, lupus profundus o paniculitis lupica, lupus tumidus y lupus sabanon o perniotico).
Isolierter lupus erythematodes tumidus der gesichtshaut.