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A, Recommended measurement with 2 dimensions of the tumor bed involved by all scattered viable residual invasive tumor foci.
2013) reported 8% reccurance when superficial keratectomy alone was performed and concluded that cauterization of tumor bed with 1% Silver nitrate is a better technique than superficial keratectomy alone for initial stages of eye cancer to save the vision.
In this case, no obvious malignant findings were observed in either primary or recurrent tissue from the tumor bed.
In the current trial, APBI was delivered at a total dose of 30-32 Gy given in 7-8 fractions over 4-5 days to 633 women, and WBI was given at a total dose of 50 Gy in 25-28 fractions over a 5-week period with a 10-Gy boost to the tumor bed given in 5 fractions to 551 women.
Radiation dose was fixed at a total dose of 4500 cGy divided equally over 5 weeks followed by 540 cGy/3 fraction boost at the tumor bed.
Most of them received standard whole breast irradiation (WBI) and were given a boost to the tumor bed.
However, the two groups did not significantly differ based on photographically assessed breast shrinkage, clinically assessed edema, tumor bed induration, or pigmentation, according to the researchers.
Frozen section analysis of the postresection tumor bed and adjacent parenchyma was negative with negative tumor margins.
During surgery, the tumor bed is repeatedly coagulated with a grooved roller electrode, decreasing the moisture content in the tissue and increasing the electrical resistance rate.
APBI delivers a highly effective dose of radiation while allowing doctors to precisely target any remaining cancer cells right inside the tumor bed, where the tumor is most likely to recur," says Dr.
A better vascularity allows a higher concentration of drug to be delivered to the tumor bed before pelvic surgery.
With IORT, radiation is delivered directly into the tumor bed during breast-conserving surgery.