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Intraoperative radiation therapy directs the radiation where it is needed most - the tumor bed, says radiation oncologist Aaron Pederson, M.
Whole-breast radiation only reduces recurrence at the tumor bed, and brachytherapy "only gives a 100% dose 1 cm around the cavity, and that's what we shoot for, because [according to] several studies, most disease is within a centimeter of a Tl mass," said Dr.
Therefore, this system equates large contiguous carcinomas with microscopic foci scattered in a tumor bed.
Until recently, brachytherapy techniques involved the permanent placement of low activity I-125 seeds around the tumor bed or temporary implants with percutaneous external catheters for placement of high activity temporary sources.
Veronesi and his colleagues have enrolled 518 of a planned 1,000 patients in a randomized trial of electron intraoperative therapy, or ELIOT, which involves a couple of minutes of high-intensity radiotherapy administered to an area restricted to the tumor bed and adjacent area while the patient is still on the operating table after removal of her primary tumor.
A chemotherapeutic agent is incorporated into the polymer, and as the polymer slowly degrades, chemotherapy is released into the tumor bed.
IORT enables doctors to administer a high dose of radiation to the tumor bed during a lumpectomy, which reduces or eliminates the need for follow-up radiation treatments and also minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissue and organs, such as the ribs, lungs, heart and opposite breast.
Accelerated partial breast irradiation with brachytherapy (APBI brachytherapy) is a shortened course of high-dose radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer patients where radiation is delivered directly into the tumor bed.
He received 6,800 cGy to the tumor bed and 5,400 cGy to the ipsilateral cervical nodal chain.
The TissueLink technology allows complete tumor resection and provides adequate parenchymal hemostasis of the tumor bed.
9 cm, within which there were fragments of tan, finely vascularized tissue corresponding to the tumor bed (Figure 2, arrow).
The Axxent System uses a proprietary isotope-free miniaturized X-ray source to deliver radiation in minimally shielded environments directly to the cancerous tumor bed - enabling the treatment of smaller tumors, reducing radiation exposure to healthy tissue and allowing radiation therapy to be completed in fewer sessions.