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This is the beginning of the complex story of continuity and change--of the tumultuousness of conversion, what Dostoevsky called the "regeneration of [his] convictions.
POETRY, for Jean-Paul Michel, is a vigorous inclusive gesture, battling on in the midst of disquiet, seeking and seeing the "gold" of raw existence in the very tumultuousness, the "order and disorder" of the teeming energies deployed within and without.
The degree of tumultuousness will depend on the relative weighting between the catalysts and hindrances.
The authors use the cases of the 1993-94 health care reform campaign and the 1994-95 tumultuousness of Newt Gingrich's first reign as House Speaker to make three points.
His expertise stemmed from his work during the Gulf War as a Scud-missile tracker, where he earned an equal reputation for tumultuousness.
Thus the partnership drew into itself the contradictions, conflicts, and tumultuousness found within the discursive field, giving rise to the rhetorical ambivalence displayed within the McDonald's-EDF alliance.
But whether or not Gilman would have wanted it, these letters record her struggle to acknowledge long-repressed needs and to make room in her life for the tumultuousness of romantic love.
In "The Last Mowing" and "The Tuft of Flowers," they are also occasions for communions with those who are either present to share in the tumultuousness of flowers, when "The place for the moment is ours" (338), or, though absent, nevertheless able to send "a message from the dawn" and induce a feeling of brotherhood (32).
The tumultuousness of Alexander's violent, active life is compellingly recounted from formative conflicts with his father, Philip of Macedonia, to military conflicts on the battlefields of the ancient world with catapults, siege engines, and armored elephants.