tune down

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You're looking 1080p gaming squarely in the eye with this mobile chip, but be prepared to tune down some graphics settings (and the resolution) on more recent titles to hit 60 fps.
But the couple and their select group of friends had to tune down the volume at 10 pm in deference to wildlife rules.
On the inhale, think to yourself, "becoming calm and clear." On the exhale, think "releasing tension and fatigue." Just a few breaths like this throughout the day can help to tune down the stress response and tune up the relaxation response just enough to provide a little break and reduce the wear and tear of a hectic day.
Nowotny seconded the policy of the central bank and denied rumours that the central bank was using a form of quantitative easing, or printing money to tune down the debt problem.
In a bid to quell speculation and media hype about a "crisis" between the two traditional allies, the United States has started to tune down in recent days, especially after Netanyahu gave Washington promises to take "trust-building" measures to persuade the Palestinians to enter the talks.
Although obesity and sedentary lifestyles tune down the body's sensitivity to insulin, exercise can bring it back and reduce blood insulin levels.
Just like everyone else they may be feeling frazzled and just need to let their shoulders come down, their temper tune down, and to take life and themselves a whole lot less seriously.
That could be the secret new anthem for anyone who likes to whistle a tune down at West Midlands Police.
YOBS with souped-up cars could soon be forced to tune down their engines.
Arrangements like this bring subtle new insights to the songs, but too often Freelon takes the same tack, slowing a fast tune down, and it's getting a little predictable by the end.
Still, you can't keep a good tune down, and scuzzy garage rockers like Electricity and Come Together - bolstered by a spectacular light show - go down a storm.