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A curious curl or quirk of our movies' musical dimension was the fact that even our action films sometimes unexpectedly burst into tuneful numbers in the form of harana songs-or boisterous celebrations of macho-hood performed by otherwise tough and sullen action stars and their rowdy pals at the 'OK-na-OK Kural'!
Summary: The final list of nominees for the 'Most Beautiful Recitation' contest, held on the sidelines of the main competition, included ten out of 76 full Quran female memorisers who were recognised for their tuneful and perfect Quran recitation.
The Singing House We walked to church one fine Sunday, Admiring the gardens along the way, Ahead we heard the tuneful sound, Of lovely bird song and the source we found.
THE CHOIR: SING WHILE YOU WORK BBC2 9pm Birmingham City Council may not sound like an obvious place to search for singing talent, but Gareth Malone (right) finds a tuneful traffic warden for his choir.
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It contains a variety of music, from tuneful to austere.
TUNEFUL Army at the THRILLSEEKERS at the Hoppings were treated to the premiere of a song for a special little girl battling a brain tumour.
He is one of the most tuneful of contemporary British composers, writing pieces that combine emotion with profound spiritual strength.
Albert's tuneful trunk curls its way to a triumphant ending.
TUNEFUL Midland school children trundled through the snow to perform Christmas carols for elderly residents at a nursing home.
John Rzeznik's earnest vocal is tuneful as ever but from opener Sweetest Lie to final Soldier you'll be hard-pressed to remember a single song afterwards.
The series will close with a tuneful bang with the Mohegan Sun All-Stars, a powerful and energetic collection of top musicians playing generation-spanning dance music, including classic rhythm and blues.