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Flocks of wintering birds, such as fieldfares and redwing, move north and east to their breeding grounds, while our resident birds, such as the song thrush, tunefully begin to proclaim their territories.
Silken strings tunefully interpreted the waltz theme of the third movement.
Gay's music is tunefully accessible, while Albano's compressed scenario includes all the beloved major characters.
Yet it's also good fun to drive and to live alongside, with well balanced handling, adept and fluid road-holding and peppy engines which, while they do have to be revved for best effect, do so as tunefully and easily as any on the market.
The beauty of numbers is everywhere, he tunefully proclaims.
Young girls in particular have always picked up the catchiest bits of the latest pop hit, so you can assume that for a few weeks a couple of years ago there was a generation of pre-pubescent teenies tunefully, unknowingly informing the world of how sick it can be.
There will, in fact, 'always be an England', as Vera Lynn told us so tunefully sixty years ago, and we must simply get on with it.
2 billion potential Madonnas and Picky Martins can tunefully sing the praises of the state to a worldwide audience.
In that earlier release, note the use of the word "songs" in the title; the music was presented more tunefully, more lyrically; in this new CD, the musicians (Brad Mehldau, piano; Larry Grenadier, bass; Jorge Rossy, drums) seem to be trying harder to dig deeper and produce something more profound, but at times there just seem to be too many notes.
BIRDS which twitter tunefully may in fact be stuttering, scientists claimed yesterday.
Unlike the "suitable sounds" created for many commissioned accompaniments, this score--from the sly tango (to which the scheming diplomats argue) and the measures to which Death stalks relentlessly, to the snappy air for the enthusiastic young soldiers and the dirge for the dying old woman--is tunefully dramatic, every note choreographically accountable.