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The best of these is the romantic ballad "Something to Believe In" and the heroine's tunefully bright "Watch What Happens.
That there were artificial conventions for a genteel sort of amorous poetry, as there were in Ovidian Rome, is certain, but careful analysis reveals that, as Robert Briffault has put it, the "stylized passion" of such poetry should not prompt us now to attach to it a greater assumption of realism than we would assign to the "stage-love tunefully bestowed by an Italian tenor upon a prima donna graced with a lengthy career and Junonic presence" (91).
The islands themselves proclaim an afrocentric heritage as they tunefully "roar [.
The piano lid is lifted and ayoung man plays a selection of Robbie Williams, left, Killers and other hits as the youngsters sing tunefully along.
Behind him, thousands more tunefully chanted similar words, chants that were heard in different Arabic dialects, in fact in many different languages all across the globe.
There are other tracks to revisit, especially the tunefully optimistic "Don't You Wish It Was True" and "Gunslinger," which has a Western theme that evokes vintage Creedence.
Luiz Carlos Susin, professor of theology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, stressed 'religious biodiversity' as an experience of incarnated salvation, in the complex multi-religious situation of Brazil, and described our mission as playing our own instrument tunefully within the divine 'symphony' already being played, composed by a creative God.
Now in his 80s, Toots toots tunefully throughout the album.
REFEREE Herbert Fandel - in everyday life, a musician who runs his own school - can be expected to blow tunefully on his whistle shortly after 8.
Flocks of wintering birds, such as fieldfares and redwing, move north and east to their breeding grounds, while our resident birds, such as the song thrush, tunefully begin to proclaim their territories.
Silken strings tunefully interpreted the waltz theme of the third movement.
Gay's music is tunefully accessible, while Albano's compressed scenario includes all the beloved major characters.