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73) The wide use of this tune in such plays may be attributed to the simplicity and adaptability of the lyrics (be it bidding someone to go away or beckoning them to approach), as well as the steady tunefulness of the melody.
does, that a tad of tunefulness delayed him and that the melody, and its sustaining chords, held him from falling finally to the stage.
Seymour Barab's wry "The Ruined Maid," from 1981, displayed the tunefulness that has made him a major composer of children's operas.
His engaging, dramatically paced score is imbued with the Celtic influences of the early settlers, folksy in its rhythms and tunefulness, but a challenge to the singers nonetheless in its complexity and sophistication.
Tunefulness was apparently the main criterion, a feature she found lacking in the existing settings; however, it remains to be seen if any setting by a composer living in Newfoundland would have satisfied her.
The piece's historical moment mattered less than the intent of the creators, for Serban (as is typical with him) saw this exercise in tunefulness and charm as an excuse for spectacle, cluttering the stage with extras (humunculi, devils, and other figures) and having Mephisto change costumes incessantly (someone suggested the idea as being representative of the complete iconography of the character in art).
Blessed with an angelic voice, unsinkable tunefulness, a master storyteller's eye for detail plus the even-handedness to examine life's blossoms AND bruises, Campbell has assembled a body of work unsurpassed in consistency or soulful artistry.
Meals then began with a hymn rather than with grace; 'Oh God our help in wagers past' was sung with more gusto than tunefulness and He did help - on one occasion bringing about a successful Lucky 15 bet which brought forth a huge five-figure cheque from Hills.
DO YOU SOMETIMES WISH THE PROBLEMS of grownup life could be explained with the clarity, wit and tunefulness of "Sesame Street"?
Two sets of Old American Songs are deservedly popular, both because of their inherent tunefulness and familiarity, and because of the beauty, sensitivity, and humor of Copland's settings.
After 1995, she seemed to regain her tunefulness, and while her lyrics never sounded as complex or relevant as those on Blue or For the Roses, these later albums had become lifesavers for me as I drove home late at night in Los Angeles.