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Silicon TV Tuners Drive Global Market Growth for Well-Positioned Semiconductor Vendors
Ltd, has chosen the NXT2004 VSB/QAM Receiver and the NXT6000 DVB-T Receiver for its latest generation of digital terrestrial tuners.
The reasons behind the protests vary, but most rely on some fairly shaky math that CEA says indicates that consumers are (and will be) unwilling to pay the additional costs associates with adding a DTV tuner to a television.
We encourage set-top box manufacturers to utilize innovative products such as Silicon Wave's low-power cable tuner to help them meet Energy Star set-top box guidelines and do their part to help the environment and save consumers money," said Craig Hershberg, program manager for the U.
Profiles of key Silicon Tuner vendors, including NXP, Trident, Microtune, Maxlinear, Fresco Microchip, ESS Technology, Elonics, Broadcom, ST Microelectronics, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, ANADIGICS, Abilis Systems and Xceive.
PC-TV Tuners face challenges from a variety of other options that consumers have for obtaining video on their PCs, including easy-to-use Cable, TelcoTV, and satellite TV services, Internet distributed video content, IPTV services, and mobile broadband, such as 3G, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX.
Our new DVB-H tuner product is already receiving strong interests from partners and customers.
The emerging trend of replacing mechanical tuners with silicon tuners, already observed in cable modems, is likely to gain ground in set top boxes as well.
Nasdaq:TUNE), the inventor of the silicon tuner chip and developer of top-performing, multi-standard tuners for HDTV, cable TV and automotive TV, has attacked the interference problem.
has expanded its Pinnacle PCTV[TM] product family to include the Pinnacle PCTV Tuner Kits for Windows Vista.
Microtune's hybrid DVB-T/DVB-H mobile TV tuner, embedded into the USB tuner sticks of multiple manufacturers, is already on retail shelves in Europe.