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Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about the Tunnel Vision and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Manufacturer Response Department of Innovation Direct[TM] at (877) 991-0909 ext.
Fifty-six percent experienced heightened visual detail, while 51 percent had tunnel vision.
Other vision changes, such as distorted vision, tunnel vision, eye hemorrhages, and spots may indicate a serious problem.
He was looking for that wee bit of relief from me but it was just a stare - tunnel vision going into the game.
The council will find that a very hard question to answer, as the decision-makers appear to suffer from tunnel vision and a failure to look at the wider picture because they are lacking in lateral thinking.
The experience has been positive for members of the company, with Abi and her partner looking to form a new theatre group, while others look to teaching qualifications or even agents to get started on the professional circuit, So far Tunnel Vision has played at locations such as Bradford, Oldham and Accrington Abi added: "The show has been really successful with great audiences, particularly at colleges where we've had workshop events which looked at how we devised the show and got it on the road.
The BBC seems to have tunnel vision on the "bums on seats" scenario, catering only for the "hard core" TV audience, whose apathy knows no bounds.
But, after a bit of tunnel vision, it's owners hope to sell it for pounds 500,000.
And despite sweeping relationship declarations like "When You Find the One," Etheridge does step out of her interpersonal tunnel vision to make some more universal political statements.
JLLOYD Samuel has admitted he will head for St Andrew's today with tunnel vision.
Some people like the tunnel vision of going somewhere like Juilliard, where it is dance, dance, and more dance.