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Functional guilds: According to the nesting behavior, dung beetles are divided in to three major groups; Tunnelers, Dwellers and Rollers.
Nesting guild included rollers (those that roll balls of food on the surface of soil to some distance from the source of resource, where they bury them); tunnelers (those that carry food resource into the soil, making tunnels on the side or below the resource); and dwellers (which do not reallocate food, using it directly in the source) (Simmons & Ridsdill-Smith, 2011; Da Silva & Di Mare, 2012).
It is not their mere underneathness in which these various tunnelers' fearfulness lies: it is in their tunnellingness.
(28) The tunnelers exited through the iliococcygeus muscle near the ischial spines, and the deployed tape was sutured to the vaginal vault.
The magazine recognized Monsees for his extensive contributions to the tunneling industry, both in technical accomplishment and as an inspiration to future tunnelers.
tunnelers can often follow the path less-regulated.
I-Flow's products include ON-Q C-bloc, ON-Q PainBuster, ON-Q Soaker Catheters, ON-Q SilverSoaker Antimicrobial Catheters with SilvaGard and tunnelers.
Palestinian medical officials found the bodies of two tunnelers on Sept 5.
Highlighting the risks faced by the tunnelers, Israeli warplanes carried out two strikes along the border with Egypt on Thursday, wounding three workers, medical workers said.
Willis Allen came from a family of itinerant tunnelers and miners who hailed from the mountain regions of the South.