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TUN, measure. A vessel of wine or oil, containing four hogsheads.

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The final date of the Modeling Period was set in [2] because publication year of article, however, investigations in the last two decades are focus on similar topics: reliable data from new flow loops, elaborated models to represent physics, corrections in the flow pattern maps and simplified models with tunning capabilities.
Another extension of previous work is the genetic algorithm parameter tunning, presented bellow.
External impedance matching circuits are used for tunning of the antenna.
The development of these indicators of generic competencies through these technological resources is in line with the recommendations made in European projects, such as Tunning, Reflex, and UE-Converge, and recent international research (Goral, 2011; Eichenlaub et al.
THE STUNNING TUNNING T success of UNNING success of Scotland's athletes at the Commonwealth Games leaves a remarkable sporting legacy - but there is a wider legacy for our nation, and it's being led by the young.
TheAbdulRehmaan: Just tunning channels n seen #babarkhan in an old serial.
TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] tunning point in the struggle between Byzantium and Islam.
Syria is also home to the oldest orchestra scene that was disclosed in the archeological site of Tal al-Hariri and which shows the diversity of the musical instruments used in the kingdom and indicates the development of joint musical playing and tunning.
Ainsi, les differentes infrastructures du site ont ete le theatre d'une exposition de voitures et de motos de collection, d'un rassemblement de tunning, d'une competition de free style, d'une journee dediee aux epileptiques denommees [beaucoup moins que]epilepsie day[beaucoup plus grand que] et d'un salon de l'artisanat.
Kaur, "Genetic algorithm based parameter tunning of pid controller for composition control system", International Journal Of Engineering Science and Technology, vol.
Con respecto a las competencias genericas se utilizaron las acordadas en el proyecto Alfa Tunning (2007).