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TUN, measure. A vessel of wine or oil, containing four hogsheads.

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Literary works like Piers Plowman, satires like Skelton's The Tunning of Elynour Rummyng, works of art like the Holkham Bible Picture Book, depictions of Judgement Day on the walls of churches, and popular entertainments like the Midsummer Day processions and mystery plays, consistently depict the female brewer -- and only the female brewer -- as dishonest, impious, and promiscuous.
All dressed up in a s tunning brew of metaphysical intrigue, 40s design and phantasmagorical imagery that draws on sources as diverse as Dashiel Hammett, Fritz Lang, Terry Gilliam, Philip K Dick and, for its injection of urban paranoia, Franz Kafka.
Constance Johnson, More Courts Are Tunning in to TV Hearings, Wall St.
Tenders are invited for Aftc Tunning Unit D14,B12 For F-12,Frequency, Siemens Make,As Per Rdso Spec.
TUNNING city apartment block, St Paul's, has opened new show apartment today.
tunning, it used its olour palette to ll a tale of a lost boy through a harsh and ng nightmare.
The pupils were over the moon to discover the camera had c aptured s tunning images from space.
October 12 & 21, 2010, April 7, 14 & 28, May 5, 2011, eight days from pounds 709 On this wonderfully varied tour, we explore Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, plus some s tunning icons of northern Italy and Switzerland.
The Penthouse is as tunning suite with its own private lift, dining room, library, sauna, and rooftop terrace.
The entire data sets will be re-evaluate, tunning and validate on the instrumental laboratory tests, on the structures with damage level control.