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Right on behind they came; and, nerved with strength such as God gives only to the desperate, with one wild cry and flying leap, she vaulted sheer over the turbid current by the shore, on to the raft of ice beyond.
A small stream fed it and continued beyond it, so that the sheet of water, though turbid, was never ditchlike or unhealthy.
At length Uncas, whose activity had enabled him to achieve his portion of the task the soonest, raked the earth across the turbid little rill which ran from the spring, and diverted its course into another channel.
1) focuses on the challenge of developing an innovative method to perform bathymetric surveys in shallow turbid waters and topographic measurements of the adjacent intertidal areas, where:
They are robust, dependable, can withstand raw water quality variations, and more importantly, are most suitable for the turbid surface waters in Sindh.
In its advisory, the concessionaires residing along the said areas are advised not to open their taps/faucets, as the water appears to be turbid or discolored in the process of conducting the said activity.
Water supply from the mainland was cut off at the height of the storm when water coming from Nabaoy River became turbid.
Runoff and dumping from Lake Okeechobee in our region, on top of the silt propagated throughout the water column, makes it very turbid.
If it becomes turbid with a white precipitate it is silver because aluminium can neither become turbid nor can it precipitate
In the wetland pond, observation of fish and tadpoles was not possible because the water was too turbid.
The water supplied by the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) is highly turbid.
The new filtration units come with a range of membrane sizes to suit all applications, and a new patented drain design to accelerate processing of turbid and hard-to-filter matrices.