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Passengers on board the Boeing 777 witnessed chaos after the turbulence occurred an hour into the 13-hour flight.
It showed that when a thunderstorm has a preexisting electric field, turbulence within the storm can increase the rate and number of particle collisions, which causes more electrons to be lost or added.
Greater coolant velocity creates turbulence in the boundary layer and mixes the main body of the coolant with the boundary layer near the extrudate surface.
Beijing [China], June 18 ( ANI ): At least 20 passengers were injured after turbulence in a China Eastern plane during flight from Paris to Kunming in Yunnan province on Sunday.
From a meteorological perspective, turbulence is bumpiness caused by flight into an area where wind is changing over a small distance.
A source added turbulence cannot be detected by pilots on passenger planes.
The Weather Company has signed a deal with Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO), enabling the delivery of real-time turbulence reports and alerts directly to pilots, dispatch and other operations personnel, the company said.
Dedicated to improving aviation safety, The Weather Company, an IBM Business has announced a groundbreaking deal with Gogo Business Aviation (NASDAQ: GOGO) that will enable the delivery of real-time turbulence reports and alerts directly to pilots, dispatch and other operations personnel.
In an effort to improve continually the simulation of the road conditions for aerodynamic evaluations of ground vehicles, a study was carried out at NRC to define the applicability of the Road Turbulence System to aerodynamic testing of full-scale light duty vehicles.
The airline added that the turbulence was severe enough that it damaged cabin storage bins, //Petra//
It was the kind of turbulence people tell their friends about.
Our other speed, VB, sometimes identified as VTURB, is the speed we're often thinking about when we discuss the VA effect, at least in the context of bumpy air, since VB is a recommended turbulence penetration speed for a light aircraft in severe or extreme turbulence.