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From a clinical point of view, it must be noted that jugular veins turgescence in presence of so-called hepatic cirrhosis is most probably a right-sided heart failure.
It is obvious that reduction of emergence percentage and other parameters is related to decrease of water absorption into the wheat seeds at turgescence and seed imbibition stages (Hadas, 1977).
(2008), leaf area is one of the first morphological variables to be affected, reducing the area available for transpiration and the metabolic expenditure to maintain tissue turgescence. Significant reductions in leaf area were also found by Goncalves (2008) and Pincelli & Silva (2012) in sugarcane cultivars subjected to water deficit.
The elongation process influenced by drought stress more than cell distribution since the water absorption decreased in the condition of negative potential, so decreased the necessary turgescence pressure for elongation of cells and resulted in delaying or stopping the growth process [37].