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Curator of Vertebrate Zoology, 1999, hunched over, pencil in hand, before a giant and turgescent plant (unless the answer is simply that, as I copy this title in my notebook, I assume the same posture in front of his portrait)?
2]=96% in the ambient air, apexian shock left intercostal space VII on anterior axillary line, BP =140/90 mmHg, AV[approximately equal to]69 beats/minute, arrhythmic cardiac noises, 4/6 degree mitral systolic murmur with axillary irradiation, 4/6 degree tricuspid systolic murmur, aortic atheromatosis murmur, turgescent jugular veins, supple abdomen, mobile when breathing, sensitive at touch in the right hypochondrium, without signs of peritoneal irritation, liver with sharp inferior margin, 4 cm below the costal margin, pre-hepatic diameter (PFD = 18 cm), rough phenomena of portal hepatic decompensation, low pulsatile pedis arteries.