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Saturday's performance was a worrying hark back to the early stages of Johnson's reign, where an inability to create saw them serve up turgid fare.
The first half was a turgid affair, only enlivened by a good save by Sky Blues keeper Netty Manca.
likely one of those turgid voices inside struck me with that dizzying
I would suggest they can't handle the truth hence this turgid attempt to blame the victims.
Hit single So Hott is a grubby sex fantasy while Amen finds Rock guilty of being white, rather than of inflicting this turgid twaddle on us all.
Although Inglis Drever and Taranis emerged popular winners in the Ladbrokes World Hurdle and Ryanair Chase respectively, it failed to mask another turgid gambling day for downtrodden racegoers.
In a nutshell: Turgid, talky tale of a reporter torn between a U.
Kennedy was shot, but the turgid result actually leaves you looking forward to the assassination.
At the same time, Robertson's close attention to the cases and his sometimes turgid prose makes this important transformation less clear (and its significance less apparent) than it should be.
Peter Ebdon pocketed a 107 in a turgid encounter with David Gray, who has been known for collapsing in the past.
Matters are not improved when innovative ideas by EMBT or others, are passed over for more turgid designs, because planners think private investors will find them easier.
Newcastle United have played some pretty turgid football this season.