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Therefore, osmotic regulation in response to water shortage to maintain the seedling is useful during slow growth and accumulation of these substances in cell cytoplasm results in high turgidity and active enzymes and makes it possible for the plant to continue its physiological activities.
There was a difference in turgidity, the roots from the treatments were soft, while those from the control were hardened.
CHEMONUCLEOLYSIS: With derivation of chymopapain enzyme from papaya fruit in 1940, experiments to use it for scientific benefit were conducted in 1963, Smith et al (1) used its dehydrating effect in treatment of discogenic pain-Injecting the drug into the nucleus pulposus of the painful bulging disc caused the disc to lose its turgidity and shrink as a result of depolymerization of the proteoglycan and glycoprotein molecules in the nucleus pulposus--this 'shrinking effect' causes the disc to reduce in its height and girth, relieving pressure on the traversing neural component-the source of pain.
As with many authors who switch from nonfiction to fiction there is a tendency toward detail and over-explanation, much of which drives some unevenness in the pacing, yet the book suffers only minimally from this turgidity.
Great, but that was just about the only piece of improvisation we saw from Wales throughout that campaign and there's been nothing of the sort since, the turgidity of the Argentina match highlighting that.
Taylor, veteran Italian antifascists from Luigi Barzini to Ignazio Silone, the turgidity of Frank Kermode ("Old Toad, Frank Kermode," in Philip Larkin's snicker) alongside the repartee of Ken Tynan: Encounter catered for them all, and you can now look up every issue online, thanks to Unz.
Potato slices and lettuce leaves placed in saline or distilled water allow students to observe the phenomenon and note resulting variations in turgidity.
Stalk - Turgidity (1=shriveled; l0=turgid)###8###10###10###10###10###10
Regardless of these changes, leaves were able to maintain higher concentrations of fructose and glucose under drought stress than under irrigation, assumedly to maintain a high turgidity during the drought stress, as it was demonstrated by Turner (1997), mainly at the flowering and pod filling stages (FS and PFS).
1) In Epstein's report of 3 cases, one patient's varix was observed to increase in turgidity and dilation with the patient straining (cough and deep breathing) under direct intraoperative observation by the neurosurgeon.