turn against

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But, with the Senate tight and elections on the horizon, the Republican Party could turn against him, as Alabama turned, and that is the beginning of the end.
But although his adopted city turned against him, he refused to turn against it.
com/news/avengers-age-of-ultron-avengers-to-turn-against-iron-man-thor-leaves-asgard-127639/) Christian Post , Iron Man aka Tony Stark would create Ultron to help the Avengers, but when he would tweak its system, it would turn against human kind.
The secular rebels' decision to turn against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) was perhaps a positive move to convince the world that the moderate Syrian opposition would not tolerate extremists ruling over them.
Halifax also had a number of chances to win the match denied, either by solid defending or the woodwork, and Aspin hopes their fortunes turn against Corby, when three points would take his side above Altrincham and into fourth place in the Blue Square North table.
I am absolutely opposed to the idea that Iran would gain nuclear weapons, but I think if there was an Israeli attack, unfortunately it would turn against Israel and [would put] Iran as the victim," said Fabius.
NNA - 8/12/2011 - AN-NAHAR: Wage increases turn against "Change and Reform" bloc Baabda refrains from setting a date for Feltman Vote in cabinet after ending "Change and Reform" boycott Clinton's message encourages commitment to international obligations ASSAFIR: Mikati is keen on his relation with Hizbullah.
This could have been nothing more than a border incident had Iran not been backing up the Houthis with money and arms and inciting them to turn against Yemeni authorities.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert appealed to the people of Gaza to turn against their Hamas rulers.