turn attention

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Critical sincerity has required us to dwell thus long on the defects of the poem; but once recognized we should dismiss them altogether from mind and turn attention to the far more important beauties.
Mombekov did not believe him and asked to turn attention to road quality.
As he has repeatedly in recent days, Trump sought to turn attention to Democrats, pointing to the resignation of Tony Podesta, the powerhouse Democratic lobbyist who also faces scrutiny by Mueller and whose brother, John Podesta, was Clinton's campaign chairman.
Turn attention online THE report into problem gambling and shop staff not doing enough to curb the situation, as covered by the Racing Post (October 6), stated 95 players and 90 staff were interviewed.
And if they fail, attention will turn attention to Torino hitman Andrea Belotti with boss Antonio Conte keen.
Get the look: Turn attention to the wall with Pop Art Dream Romance mural wallpaper, from PS25 per square metre, Wallsauce, which should appeal to his sense of humour.
Now we have enjoyed Halloween and Bonfire Night, it's time to turn attention to Christmas.
APPLE will hope to turn attention away from its tax affairs in Ireland when the technology giant unveils the next generation of the iPhone on Wednesday.
The union's head Philios Phylactou said that this move was intentional as the ministry was trying to turn attention away from the actual problems the educational system faces.
Summary: To meet skill targets and its ultimate objectives, the government has to turn attention back to the economy.
They appealed to the authorities and media to turn attention to their problems, Turmush reports.
We also take a look at the Malaysian Budget, turn attention to Malta and Kazakhstan, and much more.