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'A quarter of the bank's corporate customers join us precisely because we are prepared to turn away certain sorts of business.'
We have cleaned up the language a bit from the time of John, but in our baptism we also are called to turn away from our sinful ways.
Whilst I appreciate Mr Evans' viewpoint, I do not think these dedicated people who risk their lives for public safety would turn away from a fire for even one second.
It is questionable whether middle class Anglos are going to turn away from their individualistic ways.
Stores around Scotland were forced to turn away angry customers as just 8000 consoles were allocated north of the border.
The attack and destruction of Port-Royal was the external manifestation of what was already happening within some of the members of the Arnauld family, as they began to turn away from the intense piety and commitment to religious reform that characterized members of the family from the mid-sixteenth to mid-seventeenth centuries.
Christopher Scott, 33, told the other pupils to turn away before twisting the child's arm, one girl told a court yesterday.
A BIRMINGHAM hospital forced to turn away 70 sick children a month because of a beds crisis has turned itself around from crisis point.