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That is why those events which are still going ahead are either attracting record fields or are having to turn away competitors in huge numbers.
Now, 14 years on, a quarter of the bank's corporate customers join us precisely because we are prepared to turn away certain sorts of business.
But, praise God, when men and women come to realise the enormity of their sins against Him, turn away from them, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save them, then, and only then, does He and the Cross become precious.
A GROWING shortage of school places in Co Westmeath reached a new low last week when a national school principal claimed he may turn away up to 25 pupils next September.
The word "repent" means to "grieve for and turn away from" an action or thought.
A bird of peace flies overhead Its gentle sounds bring harmony and hope to the people below A man with a grin turns away Fools all of them A tiny thing with frail wings is no match for hate Flying above with its message of peace The beautiful bird soars high People watch and suddenly cry It falls with agonising pain as the man with the gun shoots again Hope and peace are once more destroyed People turn away A silent gasp and a triumphal cry as the bird of peace takes to the sky Its wings and chest are held high Hope and peace are a magical thing and men with guns Don't understand a thing Only when the last human dies will darkness and despair cloud the skies.
We want to grow the program next year because having to turn away any child in need like this hurts,'' she said.
A court knocked down that policy as inconsistent with the (then) state of federal age-discrimination law, with the result that it became unlawful for local governments to turn away middle-aged rookies.
Summary: The Tories are under fire after a front-bencher said bed and breakfasts run by Christians should be allowed to turn away gay couples.