turn away from

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Turkey did not turn away from the West, on the contrary, it is the West that pushes Turkey away, the Turkish media cited Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar as saying.
"I was in prison in England when suddenly the Pope arrives in Ireland and speaks to these men, asking them to turn away from violence and make a new life.
The papers said it is possible to do this easily, but the ethics of war and the ethics of the Kingdom have made it turn away from doing this; criticizing the duplication of the UN report which carries deliberate politicization that equates between the offender and the victim, calling on the United Nations to take the legitimate government reports into account.
In the communique issued from their 2000 meeting in Portugal, the primates of the Anglican Communion said: "We are conscious that we all stand together at the foot of the Cross of Jesus Christ, so we know that to turn away from each other would be to turn away from the Cross."
3 : to turn away from <Do not depart from your chosen path.>
Resisting stereotypes while refusing to turn away from hard truths is the work of NO!, which it handily accomplishes.
But, praise God, when men and women come to realise the enormity of their sins against Him, turn away from them, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ to save them, then, and only then, does He and the Cross become precious.
As Americans turned away from the Vietnam War, they may turn away from this one"