turn from

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All we have to do is just that to eliminate the trained-animal turn from all public places of entertainment.
If you're flying the 720-degree turn from the commercial PTS, continue rolling past level to enter a steep turn in the opposite direction, repeating the control inputs described above.
For refreshment break at Hatton Craft Centre leave the towpath at the first bridge and join the road taking an effective left turn from the direction you were going along the towpath, the entrance to the Craft Centre being barely mile along on your left.
37) Simultaneously turned away from us and toward us, the sitter situates us as a distraction from the unknown and hidden object of the sitter's initia l attention and gaze, and, consequently, we understand the decision to turn from there to here through shifting dialectical pairs of emotional conditions: secrecy leads to intimacy and familiarity; the unknown and absent lead to the known and present.