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Biggest winners of the round were Brickmakers Arms 'B' and Dudley Labour Club, who in turn handed out 9-0 defeats to Malt Shovel and Netherton Sports and Social Club 'B.'.
It in turn hands China extra power to wield a powerful bargaining chip in the trade war.
Getting suspicious, she wrapped the device in a paper towel and handed it over to the crew, who in turn handed it over to the United Airlines security on landing.
Usonik released Sh9 million to AFC, which in turn handed over the land's title deed to the Aburas.
Mayor Don Bijl of Purmerend in turn handed the magazine 'Toekomstig Purmerend' to Mayor Van Beek and thanked the initiators and ambassadors.
The Secretary General of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation Nurlana Mammadzade handed the flag to the President of the European Gymnastics Union (UEG) Farid Gayibov, and he in turn handed it to the Vice-President of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation Irina Deriugina.
Election material and ballot papers were handed over to the related Returning Officers (RO), which were in turn handed over to the presiding officers of Saturday.
Uson submitted her resignation through Go, who in turn handed it to the President.
The driver, however, took a different route and handed him to other individuals, who in turn handed him over to a group of fugitives in the city of Baalbek.
That and a deliberate decision on the part of Jinnah, according to Dilip Hiro, not to spell out the details of the Muslim homeland he had in mind created an extraordinary surge in the Muslim League's popularity in the early 1940s which in turn handed him a hitherto unexpected veto over the future of India as a political entity.
They in turn handed it over to John Henders and Ann James.
In order to turn hands into complete, self-contained interface controls, ATAP needed a sensor that could capture sub-millimeter motions of overlapping fingers in 3D space.