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[USA], Jan 7 ( ANI ): Lady Gaga always makes sure to turn heads with her bold fashion choices!
Whether you have a special dinner date planned or you're off to a birthday celebration, this flattering LBD is sure to turn heads. Snap it up girls!
The French brand says the new arrival will reflect the renewal of its C-line of vehicles and turn heads courtesy of its dynamic lines and a cheerful front end.
The new Citroen C1 is expected to turn heads at the Geneva show
be his the IT WOULD take a sensational view to turn heads away from the sights in Warwick's picture postcard Mill Street, which nestles beneath the castle's architectural masterpiece Caesar's Tower.
Not so with what Raffaele Iannello has done with this 1:6 scale of the legendary Hughes/MD 500 helicopter, debuting not as a combatant on the battlefield, but rather, as a piece of home appliance that will definitely turn heads at the 2012 Milan Design Week.