turn of the tide

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I distinctly remember the turn of the tide when platform pumps were deemed passe, so entered the era of delicate slippers.
Rosanne Parry's The Turn of the Tide offers middle-grade readers a window into the dangerous lives of bar pilots.
I've been working dead hard on my snooker and getting nothing for it but it's the turn of a new year so maybe it's the turn of the tide.
The begining of the match was troubled with weed but on the turn of the tide it disappeared.
Eric Pearson landed a 14lb salmon from the same beat, with their sport coinciding with the turn of the tide after low water.
TO celebrate the launch of new novel Turn of the Tide by author Margaret Skea, who lives in the Scottish Borders, we're giving Culture Club members the chance to claim the e-book (rrp PS6.
So because Dubai residents have been at the mercy of some of the worst landlords and excruciatingly exorbitant rents for more than a decade, the turn of the tide suits Kipp very well indeed.
They are featured with three colour films shot for the council, Turn of the Tide, Liverpool Sounding and Rates for the Job, from the mid-1960s.