turn off

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This can be done by going into Settings app > Notifications and then turn off any app you don't care to be alerted about.
Turn off the screen faster: Reducing the screen timeout length, which switches off the screen after a certain length of inactivity, can also help.
BFH is going to turn off all outside lights on both East and West Towers and also take part in Earth Day on April 22," said head of marketing Saladino Zarka.
I know about the effect of greenhouse gases and I turn off lights and do as much as I can.
IT'S international TV Turn Off Week this week - and here are six reasons why your sex life could benefit from it for one night at least.
Plans call for a number of poles in town to be marked with the tape as town officials consider which lights to turn off.
To bring yours to zero power usage, unplug it or turn off the power strip the computer plugs into.
When the team used a genetic technique to turn off APL2 in mosquitoes not previously exposed to the parasite, the change didn't alter the bugs' capacity to ward off malaria.
TURN OFF YOUR MIND; THE MYSTIC SIXTIES AND THE DARK SIDE OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS tells of the revival of the occult during the 1960s, how it caught and changed the hippie movement, and how it injected a dark side into the era which created some of the occult influences reaching into today: horror films, dark fantasy writings, witchcraft, UFO beliefs and more.
Fujitsu Siemens Computers, an IT provider, is using Energy Saving Week as a platform to launch its 'Big Turn Off' campaign and to persuade UK businesses and workers to turn off their PCs when they leave the office.
Last summer Archbishop Sean Brady of Armagh, Northern Ireland called on Irish people to turn off their mobile phones, TVs, and personal stereos at least once a week to reflect and pray.