turn tail

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The rationale for the failure of stock markets to turn tail the instant that interest rates begin to rise is that, more often than not, rising interest rates go hand-in-hand with a strong economy, not a weak one.
delusions, symbols may vanish, gods would turn tail and desert the
London, Jan 1 (ANI): US mobile phone giant AT and T became the latest sponsor to turn tail on Tiger Woods following allegations of multiple extra-marital affairs, which soiled the golfer's pristine image.
Rarely do their enterprises provide meaningful employment opportunities on any scale and at the first hint of an economic downturn, they turn tail and run back to where they came from.
Then, he didn't wait around for anyone to turn tail and trudge back to their workstations in the press box.
It was at this moment I decided to turn tail and head for something a little less precarious.
Not sure which plugin is involved, the prudent should really turn tail and do something else.
In addition to the hit to its stock price, Walgreens saw analysts who had until recently been enthusiastic cheerleaders for the company turn tail and downgrade its stock.