turn to for help

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The move comes after a trial of the service in Manchester Pharmacist James Longden, who led the trial, said: "Sometimes it can be a bit of an embarrassing subject to talk about and many didn't know where to turn to for help.
She readily admits she's not the sort of person Gordon Brown might turn to for help in tackling complex economic issues, but if he wants some beauty tips.
As children face greater dangers, they often have fewer people to turn to for help.
I saw a 14-year-old girl who died alone in a sleazy room from a drug overdose, because she did not know anyone she could turn to for help.
Written with the intent to help bring enlightenment to both individual believers and organized religious institutions, The Eleventh Commandment is a passionate book about personal belief, individual actions of faith and charity, the transformation of turning over one's life to God, and how God is the one and only source to turn to for help in times of need.
Our Airmen and their families need to know that the right focus is being placed on their well-being; physically, emotionally and spiritually, and who they can turn to for help.
Child Support Action director Alison Davies said: "When the CSA does not deliver a competent and timely service, it is often difficult to know where to turn to for help.
He faces dally the insecurities and terrors of not knowing whom he can trust, whom he can turn to for help, or how he is going to make it through the day.
It offers advice on negotiating with the health service, from school nurses to specialist treatment, and offers reliable sources that parents can turn to for help.
The two huge areas that he can turn to for help are scheduling and recruiting.