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Taking charge: Management guide to troubled companies and turnarounds.
com)-- The Turnaround Management Association (TMA) celebrates its 25th anniversary by honoring its 31 founding members at the Opening Reception of the TMA Conference in Washington, D.
As in a real turnaround, Sutton preaches there is no right or wrong, only the need to start.
To set a high standard for turnaround management professionals, the Turnaround Management Society (http://turnaround-society.
Owners and managers of such under performing companies often wake up to the need to mount a turnaround offensive only at this stage, and reach out to consulting companies.
Some of these benefits include performing turnarounds in a structured manner, allowing the repetition of restructuring management methods, and problems to be encountered are indicated early throughout the turnaround process.
Thirty-five noted management and turnaround practitioners, consultants and academics in South Africa offer insight into the various processes of turnaround management and corporate renewal.
Green Dot Public Schools, another player in turnarounds, is a nonprofit school management organization that has opened 18 public charter schools in Los Angeles.