turned around

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We were successful at Pinnacle, got things turned around and into a positive cash-flow basis, but they were tough times for publishers in the IT business with competition from free publications and online.
Of the 570 families identified as "troubled" in Middlesbrough, 532 were turned around, according to new figures released by the Department for Communities and Local Government.
A WORKER helping to turn around the lives of the homeless and vulnerable was today hoping that judges on The Voice turned around for him.
The truth is that failing schools can be turned around, as North Carolina, Kentucky, and several other states have shown.
After I pried his meathooks from me, I turned around and gave him a look that expressed what could only otherwise be communicated with an open palm.
turned around an $18 million loan commitment in just two days.
CHICAGO -- Charles Mizrahi, editor of the Hidden Values Alert newsletter, introduces investors to a corporate titan who turned around Gillette.
A failing school is now on the road to being turned around with the adoption of a zero tolerance policy in regard to classroom disruption and general misbehaviour.
Top county officials and child welfare experts nationwide say Sanders turned around an agency few thought could be fixed.
In all that GM is doing," says Loomis, "there is a bleak awareness that no companies have ever turned around because of cost cutting alone.