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WINNERS: The Redcar Town B team who turned the tables on their opponents from Normanby by winning 2-0 after losing 2-3 a week earlier
True, said the half-dozen firefighters from Station 105 who turned the tables on Dobb on Sunday, dropping in at a 90th's birthday party being held at his daughter's West Hills home.
In the National Guard dust-up, the Bush campaign turned the tables on CBS--making Dan Rather the issue while Republican partisans attacked John Kerry for his Swift Boat experience in Vietnam.
Then Danny Mellanby turned the tables with two goals early in the second half, the first in the 47th minute and the second after a free-kick five minutes later.
Hull raced into an early two-try lead through Toa Kohe-Love and Lee Jackson, but Wigan turned the tables to lead 18-14 with tries from Brett Dallas and David Hodgson, to add to Kris Radlinski's firsthalf effort.
Though Barro Colorado Island in Panama is a haven for fascinating animals, plants and insects, journalist Elizabeth Royte turned the tables and decided to observe the observers at the rainforest research station there.
RACING CLUB comprehensively turned the tables on Shepshed after being outplayed in the first half.
But one forward-thinking importer from Puerto Rico turned the tables and used a reefer to move a great southbound cargo of--snow.
Tesco and WH Smith News turned the tables on the magazine publishers who have been threatening to report their exclusive distribution deal to the Office of Fair Trading.
Nevertheless, after the meeting White turned the tables on Phelps.
Idiom turn the tables (on somebody) calls for action by someone: Sarah turned the tables on Lee, meaning Sarah reversed an unfavorable situation; she gained the advantage over her opponent.