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TRAITOR, crimes. One guilty of treason.
     2. The punishment of a traitor is death.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Written by a former Air Force fighter pilot, Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II--Battle for the Middle States is a dark, suspenseful novel set in a near future where the United Nations has become the world's next superpower and the president has turned traitor against his own country.
a family friend had turned traitor and reported the airman to the Gestapo.
My eight month-old son's feet had turned traitor by wearing red and white pull-ups - the same colours as the flag of St George.
He turned traitor after the Czechs threatened to tell his wife of his affair with Kitty Volenikova.
The story of a war hero turned traitor, who's in love with the slave girl Aida, is told using English surtitles and comes to Warwick Arts Centre next Friday.
For their respective television channels the two pundits have turned traitor for a fistful of BBC and ITV dollars.
Everyone keeps telling you that Snake actually turned traitor - but didn't you just see him working for the good guys on the tanker?
Why has the Post turned traitor on the Meriden Gap?
Banished from Rome, Coriolanus turned traitor, joining the enemy with the objective of coming back to sack and burn his homeland.
But before Samba fans at The Riverside get the wrong idea, it's not that Blackmore has turned traitor against the brilliant Brazilian.
Among Zuckmayer's other significant plays are Der Gesang im Feuerofen ( Song in the Fiery Furnace, 1950), about the Resistance in occupied France, and Das kalte Licht (1955; translated as The Cold Light, 1958), a topical drama about a nuclear scientist turned traitor. His autobiography, Als war's ein Stuck von mir, appeared in English in 1970 as A Part of Myself.