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repeated Norah, advancing on her sister and turning pale as suddenly as she had turned red.
I said, turning on him sharply, for I had seen danger in Montgomery's white face.
I believe that that infernal croupier is PURPOSELY keeping it from turning up.
An instant later I drew my blade from the still heart of this great Barsoomian lion, and turning toward Tars Tarkas was surprised to see him facing a similar monster.
At my right was a great, slow-moving eddy that circled far beneath the cliff's overhanging side, and to rest my tired muscles before turning back I let my boat drift into its embrace.
The sight that met their eyes made even wise old Mbonga shudder, for there, turning and twisting in the air, came the dead body of Mirando, to sprawl with a sickening reverberation upon the ground at their feet.
Then turning to where his men-at-arms stood near the door, he called, "Come hither," and beckoned with his finger; whereupon the tallest of them all came forward and handed him a long leathern bag.
And all because she will not find a beggarly sum which she could get by turning her diamonds into paste.
as po-o-ossible," he ended, again turning to the count.
As he spoke, Jav, turning from the battle for an instant, caught his words.
He smiled, and turning, pointing to the nose of the prospector protruding from the ground at our backs.
Once again came the ape-man, and this time there came with him fifty fighting men, turning porters for love of the only creature in the world who might command of their fierce and haughty natures such menial service.